Wednesday, April 2, 2008

AHHHHH Plagiarism!!!!

I found this to be an interesting and informing essay about plagiarism. I thought that the links in the essay helped to illustrate his points. They also helped to provide more substantial proof and evidence to back up his arguments. I think that one of the best links he had, was the link that sent you to the page that had Ms. Goodwin’s plagiarized paper. That way the readers could actually know what he was talking about as he critiqued her. There really was not a link that I clicked on that was not at least a little bit helpful. All of the links I followed related to his topic and helped support his argument. I would definitely consider using links in an argument if I was posting it on the internet. I found the links to be useful in clearing up any questions I had and they did a good job defending points made in an argument.

Noah did an excellent job backing up his argument with quotations used from Goodwin’s work. He argued his claim quite persuasively. I think one of the most persuasive parts of his argument was when he was talking about how Goodwin is not just a one time offender of plagiarism. He used a great quotation from her works to prove the point of his argument.

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