Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Censorship Issues

I seriously loved this essay by Alan Dershowitz. He basically said everything that I was thinking but more eloquently then I ever could. He made some great points about censoring hate speech. I completely agree with his last statement about criticizing and analyzing the speech instead of censoring it.

There is no way that any government or any university could fairly pick and choose what subjects or topics to censor. If one touchy subject that is offensive to one group of people is banned, then in order to be fair, every subject that is insulting to every possible group of people would also have to be banned. I really have not changed my feelings or thoughts on this subject other than to agree about criticizing the hate speeches. I still really do not believe that anyone has the right to censor someone else’s thoughts, no matter how offensive they can be. If a person does not want to hear an offensive speech, they really are not forced to sit there and listen to it.

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