Monday, April 7, 2008

GE's Claims

I thought that this was an interesting way to analyze. However, I found that analyzing a written paper was much easier than evaluating a photographed or drawn image. There were not any Toulmin terms left out that I saw, but there may have been something that I missed. I thought that the arugment was very well turned-out.

Claim One: The Evolution is the cleanest locomotive ever made.

Claim Two: GE locomotives are at work maintaining and preserving the world around us.

Claim Three: People should ride the GE Evolution locomotive because it is the best for the environment.

Claim Four: If people ride the GE Evolution locomotive they will help to preserve the environment.

Reason One: The GE locomotive does not disturb the environment.

Reason Two: The GE locomotive is in sync and at peace with nature.

Warrant One: What gets along with nature and does not disturb it must be good for the rest of the environment.

Warrant Two: If the GE Evolution locomotive does not do any harm or injure the environment, then it must be the safest, cleanest and the finest to travel on.

Evidence One: The birds are content to have the locomotive pass them by.

Evidence Two: The image presents a calm, clean, beautiful and serene environment.

Evidence Three: There are no train tracks to mar the perfection of nature.

Evidence Four: In the image there is no pollution, trash or smoke that could potentially harm the environment.

Qualifier One: Most trains add to pollution.

Qualifier Two: Most trains do not protect nature.

Qualifier Three: Most trains disrupt and harm the environment they run through.

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