Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Picture the Wonders

*Image: Our Love Is Free.

This is a great picture that would help argue the point against cloning companion pets. It's great for illustrating the point of how silly it is to pay thousands of dollars to clone a dead pet when there are millions of stray pets that are waiting to be adopted.

This is a picture of the baby ox Noah, who was the first endangered animal to ever be cloned. He was cloned from a single skin cell that was taken from a dead ox. He was also the first clone to be born from a different species than his own (he was born from a cow).

I think that this is a really interesting picture. It could be used to help in the argument about human reproductive cloning. Throwing out the points and fears of eventually having a designer babies made in a factory; which would basically be like man playing God, because who would CHOOSE to have a baby with cleft palate or an incurable disease?

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